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If you are looking for a knife to be used in the kitchen area that has remarkable craftsmanship, then you need to check out the Shun Santoku This short article will give a short review as it associates with this amazing quality knife. Discover exactly what makes this knife stick out from all the rest.


I picked up the Shun Santoku on whim as I was searching for a new knife that would be able to deal with all the food preparation that I do in the kitchen. I had a choice in between Henkel and Wusthof, but I decided to pick the Shun because a lot of people seem to be impressed by it.

From the box I can say I was incredibly pleased with the design and general look of this Santoku. You can certainly inform that it is a high quality knife and it actually stood apart compared with the cheaper knives I used in the past. In using it, the first thing I can state is that it was exceptionally sharp! I utilized it on frozen chicken as well as tomatoes and it just went through them with ease. This really blew my mind and I really have been missing out in regards to the sharpness of such a remarkable knife.

The deal with of the Shun Santoku has a nice shape to it and grasping it was incredibly simple. I enjoyed the blade as it had a Damascus aim to it. When slicing sticky food, it would not stick to the blade of the knife, this was definitely a plus. Actually there are options to obtain the scalloped or non-scalloped variation of this knife. Some say the blade with the scallops allow sticky food to fall off quickly, with my version, the food fell off simply fine.