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It is the standard method to glue or stitching in of the hair extension into the hair. A dual stick tape can be made use of to affix tracks to the hair. Such kinds of tracks are popularly called as Invisi-track or also as Invisa tracks. They are so called due to the fact that the expansion is almost secretly blended in to the hair. Below the weave is connected to the hair with a tape which is clear and thus assimilates better when compared to the other products made use of for bonding. Wash as well as dry your hair completely prior to using this method.

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A track tape, invisa track expansions and also comb as well as hair clothes dryer are exactly what you should do this procedure.

As the very first step, the hair must be cleaned very well.

Then discover a suitable area to put very first track. It is possible to utilize track in any type of setting on the head.

At the area where the track is to be kept, part the hair horizontally or vertically.

The dual stick tape must be positioned along this parting. This tape sticks just to the hair and also not to the scalp. The tape must be placed under the parting taken.

Cut the extra length of the tape with a scissors.

As soon as the tape remains in area, get rid of the white paper from it. As well as after it is removed the track is currently all set to be adhered to it.

The track should be strongly pressed right into the tape with the finger.

Using an iron, correct the alignment of the hair and also the tracks with each other. This will certainly assist them both to assimilate with each other as well as look excellent. Care should be taken to stay clear of the iron to touch the tape. Hence in this easy process we could easily place in unseen hair expansions into the hair thus transforming the entire appearance of your hair by including either quantity to your hair or length. With small precaution of making use of the flat iron and also holding it away from the tape the procedure could be easily done and unnoticeable hair extensions can quickly be put in the hair.